IBM Watson

Improve Employee Experiences with Market Leading AI

Leverage the brand-new capabilities of an intelligent virtual assistant to deliver better Workplace support.

IT Help Desk
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Watson combines transformational capabilities to deliver a new world experience

  • Understands natural language and human style communication
  • Generates and evaluates evidence-based hypothesis
  • Adapts and learns from training, interactions and outcomes

The NLP capability of Watson is vital to AI

NLP (Natural language processing) ensures that the virtual assistant responds appropriately to every message. It helps provide context and meaning to text-based user inputs so that the AI can come up with the best response.

IBM Integration
IBM Integration

The Leader in Cognitive Systems

Understanding language is critical to 21st century computing. Watson is a cognitive system that is trained by experts and users and learns over time.

  • Robust AI platform for business ( Watson assistant in the AI Leader - Forrester’s report)
  • Manage data in the most secure cloud
  • Control and ownership of your data and IP
  • Trusted partner

Cognidesk: AI and automation for self-service

Cognidesk is designed for conversational solutions leveraging Watson Assistant's capabilities to solve use cases of IT Helpdesk support. Aside from refined capabilities, you get the flexibility to customize the virtual assistant to handle various Helpdesk support needs.

Leverage AI for faster responses

Plan, build and deploy a virtual assistant with ease — both conversational and automated solutions for your Helpdesk support.

Low code creator

Simply drag and drop to construct user-focused virtual assistant conversation flows.

Augmented user experience

Integrated with popular messenger channels like Slack to have the virtual assistant resolve issues or raise tickets (via natural language conversations) without human intervention.

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