Reinvent your IT Support with Automated Resolution

Bring true automation to your self-service that your employees will love, and see your help desk cost take a dive.

IT Help Desk

Dialog Creator

Design logic-driven dialogues for users to raise and resolve workplace issues in a more conversational way.

Automated workplace

Automations Catalog

Contains purpose-built automations that are tailored for IT teams to easily customize and execute workplace IT Helpdesk tasks.

Effective user productivity

Automation Creator

Custom build workflows using an intuitive automation creator which have integrations with all the core business systems and to carry out end-to-end automation.

How it works

Know how Cognidesk can streamline and augment your workplace IT Helpdesk.


Create a dialog for the virtual assistant

Automated workplace

Pick an out-of-the box automation or custom create your own automation for the Virtual Assistant

Effective user productivity

Deploy the virtual Assistant on your favourite chat channels


Connect your favorite applications

Integrations with hundreds of support applications to analyze customer
data and automate business workflow.

Service now

Switch to conversational self-service

Cognidesk connects with these popular collaboration apps to deliver faster responses through a conversational virtual assistant.

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