What is Cognidesk

What is Cognidesk

Product Brief

Cognidesk 1.0

In today's modern workplace environment, providing a great workplace IT support helps define a positive culture of an organization. Once your employees are given proper support, the productivity increases, naturally. In a traditional IT support model, employees spend a lot of time writing lengthy emails or making long calls with the IT Helpdesk. Common support issues such as repairing or replacing an employee asset, adding colleagues to the distribution list, onboarding new users and providing access to business applications, both users and Helpdesk are left with a pile of support requests backlogs causing a serious dip in productivity. Even retrieving a document or a simple password reset can be time consuming taking a nose dive in productivity. Managing an IT Helpdesk can cost a lot of money to companies as companies spend an average of $14 per support ticket or call to Helpdesk, without any ROI. And often putting IT managers under endless performance pressure as well. The ultimate challenge for companies today is how to digitize this legacy approach using latest technologies, provide support anytime and anywhere to users, freeing up expensive IT resources, and all this whilst lowering the cost. The task seems impossible.

What is Cognidesk?

Cognidesk is a cognitive workplace automation suite designed to transform the way companies provide workplace IT support to employees. Cognidesk helps companies purpose build an efficient Virtual Assistant with RPA capabilities to resolve repetitive workplace issues and service requests.

Key aspects of Cognidesk are,

  • Companies can rapidly design, deploy, and train Virtual Assistants via simple, easy to understand visual interface. [VA icon]
  • Provides a powerful IT Process editor to conceptualize, build and execute robust IT workflows. [flowchart icon]
  • Virtual assistants can be readily deployed on familiar conversational channels such as slack, skype or even on the self-service portals. [integration icon]
  • Cognidesk brings great flexibility to the table for IT teams by automating time-consuming workplace process and by letting end users get appropriate workplace support from anywhere and at any time. [support icon]

Cognidesk capabilities

Simple Easy to Use interface (EUS)

Visual – drag-and-drop interface [illustrated]

A simple and easy to use user interface to build intricate IT process that involves several components such as forms, approval, authentication, ticket creation, etc. Designed for IT teams to work towards employee/user satisfaction without facing any design difficulties.

Automation Catalogue

A rich catalogue with pre-defined automation workflows for low-coders to easily moderate and execute common IT process. Built for IT teams to get started with workplace automation right away instead of building workflows/process from scratch.

Conversational forms

Obtain valuable data from end user in a more compelling and conversational way. Create engaging forms that drive users to provide information you require to offer seamless workplace support.

Cognitive + RPA in Days

Build RPA induced Virtual Assistants in days and transform your existing IT support to a digital model. Make the workplace support experience seamless for users by proactively resolving workplace issues in a more intelligent way. Focus more on issue resolution and not just chatting.

Flexible Digital Experience

Integrate Cognidesk with popular digital channels for users to get instant workplace support right from any location at any time. Without any external support, users can quickly launch their favorite app such as Slack or Skype to report their workplace issues, follow up and getting it resolved.

Automation Creator

Custom build workflows using an intuitive workflow creator integrate with all the core business systems and to carry out end-to-end automation. Save time by continually analyzing and optimizing the workflows to improve the support experience.

Dialogue Creator

Visual– Show dialogue builder screens [illustrated]

Design logic-driven dialogues for users to raise and resolve workplace issues in a more conversational way. Recognize user intents with our intelligent intent recognition feature and turn any complex interactions and decision trees into human-like conversations.

Supercharging Benefits


Users can self-resolve IT related workplace issues by instantly initiating a chat with Virtual Assistant. Instead of browsing the entire knowledge base, or creating a Helpdesk ticket manually, virtual assistant can now resolve common issues or address any service requests without any human intervention.

IT Productivity

Free up your IT team by automating redundant, time-consuming workplace process and let them focus on building or managing mission critical components of the business. Help IT team enhance their productivity by taking the workplace support operation burden off their shoulder using AI and Automation.

User Productivity

By leveraging Virtual Assistant, employees can save up to 20 minutes per day on an average connecting with IT Helpdesk. Have employees focus more on business tasks and innovation.

Digital Experience

The flexibility to getting your workplace IT support will enhance the overall workplace experience for end users. Identify channels such as slack or skype for business that are prominent within your user group, and start servicing them right away.

Improve SLAs

By offering right service to your employees at the right time, IT teams can constantly render satisfying workplace support to employees which in turn helps them exceed service management SLAs. Take the pressure of your service management team.

Lower your Helpdesk Costs

On an average, save up to 40% of your IT Helpdesk spending and increase your overall ROI by replacing labor intensive processes with cognitive automation.

24/7 Support

Providing Helpdesk after office hours are even more expensive and more over your employees should not be left behind after work hours for IT support. Using Virtual Assistant, you can provide round-the-clock support to your employees at a fraction of cost.

Ready to transform your workplace support? You have come to the right place.

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