Our Experiences at the HDI Conference & Expo, 2019


Our Experiences at the HDI Conference & Expo, 2019

The HDI conference is usually as big as it gets for the entire service desk fraternity and this year was no exception. The event kicked off with an opening session called the “Hope Theory: How Belief, Behaviour, and Accountability Drive High Performance” anchored by Libby Gill, the CEO of Libby Gill & Company. In her zestful and well-researched keynote, she spoke on the ‘hope theory’ with scientific facts to back her arguments. Based on her research, she spoke about how “hope” is one of the most crucial and often unnoticed elements in the corporate world and leadership. These are high performance drivers according to her, and its reverberance could be felt throughout the entire crowd as many people seemed to be in line with her reasoning.

The HDI Expo hall had a massive attendance of over two thousand people with constant buzz and excitement. This was a phenomenal aspect of the event, and one that we’d like to certainly take back with us. As mentioned before, a lot of people from the Service Desk fraternity were present, including more than thirty ITSM (IT Service Management) vendors.

One of the core themes and topics under discussion was automation and using Intelligence to make support workflows a whole lot better. Despite many people rushing to get a hold of a drink, they did settle down in some time to head from vendors, old and new, on the various products that they had to offer.

In the conference, it was interesting for us to know that each person had different sets of ideologies when it came to the concept of automations.

We were very pleased to see that a lot of people that we interacted with were impressed with Cognidesk, an AI-powered tool with a brilliant automation back-end. Cognidesk combines the power of IBM Watson Assistant with an automation engine to bring about “true self-service via call-deflection".

Usually when the topic of “automation” springs up amongst ITSM vendors, it is misinterpreted for being a task automator that helps the IT service desk agent. Cognidesk stood out in the conference because it is merely not an ITSM tool; in fact, it works in lieu with ITSM tools with a focus on automation through intelligent self-service.

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