CogniDesk Press Release

CogniDesk Press Release

First Press Release:

Feb, 2019 – Skitter, a niche product company focused in helping companies use intelligent automation products, has launched a new Cognidesk platform, an innovative product that combines cognitive algorithms, automation and machine learning to transform workplace IT support.

Designed and pioneered by Skitter with its proprietary IP, and in combination leveraging IBM’s Watson technology, Cognidesk solves the challenges of traditional workplace support largely dependent on human agent interaction. By mining historical data, companies can leverage Cognidesk platform to provide a modern consumer like digital workplace support experience that not only lowers the IT Helpdesk costs but provides a 24/7 support with personalized experience for employees.

Technology are bringing new business and service models, and this is changing old paradigms and legacy approach to service delivery. companies must now adapt and empower not just consumers but also their own employees, with more touch points than ever before. With Cognidesk, companies can now, without advanced knowledge of coding (Low-Code, No-Code), quickly build Virtual Assistant purpose built for IT workplace support leveraging elements like automation catalogue.

Cognidesk is delivered via various models, allowing organizations to either deploy the platform at client data center or completely in cloud that can be integrated with existing ITSM tools and other enterprise applications.

Cognidesk includes the following core capabilities:

  • Dialogue Creator Easy-to-use Interface A simple visual interface for IT teams (or even Non-IT) to build and automate time-consuming IT help desk issues.
  • Automations Catalogue: A catalogue with ready-to-use automations that IT teams can use in building the Virtual Assistant
  • Automation Creator Create custom automations easily with simple easy to use low code canvas.
  • AI: Cognidesk leverages IBM Watson which delivers power conversation capabilities via Virtual Assistant.
  • Out of the Box Integrations: leverage out of the box integrations to common applications such as IBM Control Desk, ServiceNow, Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, 0ffice 365, Slack etc.
  • Cloud or On Premises: Leverage different delivery models to suit your IT strategy. Provide ceaseless workplace IT support to your users by employing our Virtual Assistant at desk.

Transformation has been a buzz word in the industry, and rarely successful, due to its complexity. What Cognidesk will do is really help companies start the transformation from within. Companies now can look at non-revenue and legacy process and services, and start augmenting them with intelligent and automation-based service. This will vastly reduce sink costs, said Imran Quraishy, Managing Partner.

Cognidesk intellectual property was developed and is led by Skitter.

For more information on Cognidesk contact

About Skitter

Skitter believes that technology will change how companies do business and will continue to progressively transform every industry. And we believe that at skitter, our role is making this change simple, effective and the one that drives value. We do this by carefully anticipating, creating and delivering innovative products and solutions. Our vision is to invent and sometimes re-invent better so our customers can focus more about their business models and less about technology

Every customer is unique and so are their challenges. But we also find a lot of challenges and issues similar and repetitive. At skitter, one of our products missions is to bring efficiency and productivity to workplace operations. We have built Cognidesk, an innovative platform with cognitive and automation abilities to reduce workplace support bottlenecks, increase employee productivity, reduce support costs and improve workplace support operations.

Cognidesk platform is a Skitter product.

For more information, visit, like us on Linkedin or follow us on Twitter.

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