We believe in making simple, effective progress that can transform every industry

We believe that technology will change how companies do business and will continue to progressively transform every industry. And we believe that at skitter, our role is making this change simple, effective and the one that drives value. We do this by carefully anticipating, creating and delivering innovative products and solutions. Our vision is to invent and sometimes re-invent better so our customers can focus more about their business models and less about technology.

We believe in

Skitter was born out of innovation

About Us Growth

Skitter was born out of innovation. We build innovative products that thrive on delivering value to users.

About Us Growth

Teamwork is in the heart of everything we do. Winning is too big a job for one person.

About Us Growth

We care about what we do and although we set the benchmark high, our measure of quality is customer success.

Our Mission

Improve workplace support operations

Every customer is unique and so are their challenges. But we also find a lot of challenges and issues similar and repetitive. At skitter, one of our products missions is to bring efficiency and productivity to workplace operations.

We have built Cognidesk, an innovative platform with cognitive and automation abilities to reduce workplace support bottlenecks, increase employee productivity, reduce support costs and improve workplace support operations.

Make an impact

Immerse yourself in the vibe of innovation and goodness of our tribe

We don’t currently have open positions, but you can submit an open application for our review. We are always looking for exceptional talent!