SITS 2019 - Our experiences and takeaways


Our team had attended the SITS 19 event in London this past week on the 1st and 2nd of May, and we'd like to briefly share our experiences here. SITS is the leading event for IT Service Management and Support Professionals where you can meet teams from top-of-the-line vendors, catch up on current innovations, and network with experts in the field. We could see that the event was a huge success this year because there were thousands of attendees from all over the world across the two days.

The Market is Huge

There were well over fifty companies showcasing their products in the event, and this only barely scratches the surface. A lot of the people who stopped by our booth were either not using a ticketing system at all, or were using legacy ticketing systems. Couple that with the fact that every organization, big or small, needs some sort of IT support solution implies that the market potential for Cognidesk is huge.

Current Solutions Lack Innovation

“Every company offers the same thing with a slightly different UI” is what many people who stopped by our booth said to us. What we can understand from this is that this is still a "legacy" industry still focused on making money off the same products with no innovation at all. However, a big takeaway for us from this was the fact that people are really looking forward to innovative solutions. Additionally, since they’ve seen the impact of AI and automation in other industries, we feltthey'd like to see how they can leverage that in the IT support arena.

Early Feedback for Cognidesk is Positive

We were delighted to note that everybody who stopped by were impressed with our pitch and what we are trying to achieve. Reducing tickets and bringing self-service automation, one of our primary goals, really does connect with everyone.

Overall, we had a great time at the event and were delighted to note that everybody who stopped by our booth was impressed with our vision of Cognidesk, its functionalities and what we are trying to achieve with it.

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